For those going; questions to ask at the event...

By guest455987, in Arkham Nights 2011

For those going, will somebody please ask the following questions at the Q&A sessions and report back?

Will there be any more Arkham Horror expansions? Or possibly an alternate spinoff AH game with a different setting (e.g., Antarctica)?

Will the difficulty/scaling issues for Elder Sign be addressed in an upcoming expansion?

Will the swag items (GOOs, scenarios, etc.) ever be made available to the shlubs who couldn't make it to this event? (You are welcome to cackle maniacally while asking this for being someone who did make it.)

Thanks much.

Another question... Will there ever be an Arkham Horror Deluxe Edition?

I really would like to know if there will be another Arkham League Season.

And if there might be a "League" AH Expansion that features a campaign system. (League like expansion)

Big Thanks in advance if someone would like to ask those questions!

Indeed. Another league would be great.

Also, will there be an iPad/PC version of AH?

Yup, let's hope somebody listens to all the above points and asks. Last year, IIRC, not much was said during the fan meetings.