Release Data?

By Grim6, in Nexus Ops

Ok, I know it was just announced, and the release noticed mentioned Q4 2011, but is there anything more specific on this? Technically it's Q4 right now, right? gui%C3%B1o.gif Plus, I don't see it listed on the Upcoming Page...

I was just about to purchase a copy of the original, and well, you know... money, pockets, holes, burning...

Judging by their release schedule in the past, I would count on this being late Q4 or possibly early Q1 2012. I hope I am wrong about this, but I doubt this will be released prior to christmas. Just my opinion.

I thought it was odd that they didn't list it on the "Upcoming" page, but then again, I looked through the list and noticed that the whole list very inaccurate. Gears of War is listed as "In Development", along with several other products that I'm pretty sure are out already...


Sometimes the "in development" code is used to highlight a game whose first printing (or second, or third) is out of stock now and they're waiting to send it again to the factory, so don't worry. Same stuff for products already out marked as "printing now" or whatelse. It's temporarly out of stock stuff they are reprinting

Yeah, i didn't see it on the upcoming games page either, however late quarter 4 to early quarter 1 but if we are really lucky and we all cross our fingers and wish really hard it should be out just before christmas i think, thats what i have been hearing, hard to tell becuase FFG hasn't given us any info serio.gif

"Knock knock!" Hello...FFG? Why isn't this showing on the Upcoming page? I want .... I want!

Teetoo said:

"Knock knock!" Hello...FFG? Why isn't this showing on the Upcoming page? I want .... I want!

Quoted for truthery.

But in all fairness, the "upcoming" page isnt as regularly updated as often as the consumer may like it to be in order to reflect a games current status.

For example, the Art of HP Lovecraft book reprint was in development status for about two years and then suddenly there was a news alert on the front page that it was now available for purchase without ever seeing in production, on the boat or now shipping updates in that section. And thats just one example.

I wouldnt worry too much about the lack of an entry on the upcoming page. They made a front page announcement stating they hope to see it Q4 2011.

But it would be nice to see some more updates concerning what to expect from the FFG reprint though. Just cursory glances at the cards and components show some fairly significant changes that will alter game play just a bit and would love more info on this.

This is a really good game and deserves more than passing attention and marketing by the publisher. Games with the star wars IP sell themselves. Games such as this without widespread knowledge need more.

Looks like it was finally added to the "Upcoming" page... and its made its debut with "On the Boat" status! Guess its coming soonish?

still no permanent date announced?? should be like another week right!! man i am sooooo looking foreword to this!