First Chapter Easter Egg

By Treguard2, in Free Fall

Just started reading Freefall today and immediately noticed- well, I'm not going to spoil it for anyone .. What I will say however is, Mr Keith, you've been busted! cool.gif

Now I'm curious. Can you tell us what general topic this easter egg refers to? Android? Another sci-fi novel/film? Something personal or private of the author?

Check out the detective roster that Harrion runs through, you might have mythed something. gran_risa.gif

I see. Well, in that case I think there are a lot more "easter eggs", though I wouldn't really call them that. It's more of a homage, like the name Rick Harrison. And, actually, what makes you think it's not just a coincidence? It's not that unusual of a last name, after all.

Oh of course I can appreciate the abundant, sci-references throughout the game and subsequently this novel, but I was pleasantly surprised to see three specific names from a popular TV show I watch.