Viper Activation Quandary

By XmenDynasty, in Battlestar Galactica

I'm getting ready to play this with my group and I ran across a rule that I'm certain I must be misunderstanding.

According to the rulebook (and the FAQ seems to support this): "Each Viper may be activated any number of times during a player's turn..."

Am I wrong in assuming that a Viper could thus be launched, be moved repeatedly, attack repeatedly, be moved some more and attack some more on a single player's turn? The way I read this, a single Viper launched on my turn could then be used by me to clear the board of all Cylon ships and Basestars. What's to stop me from attacking a Basestar over and over until I destroy it, then moving on to the next Basestar and blowing it up, then sweeping all the Raiders and Heavy Raiders off the board, all on a single turn?

I know this can't be right, but I can't find any rules that disallow it. Please straighten me out. Keep in mind that I'm reading the rules and FAQ to prepare for the first game and haven't actually PLAYED yet.

Thanks in advance!!!


You are somewhat misconstruing that rule. While there is no hard limit on the number of times a single viper can be activated in a turn, each activation can be used to provide only one effect (launch, move or shoot). You'd need additional actions to reactivate the same viper.

For example, if I Executive Order you and you're standing on Command, you're welcome to use the location's action twice, effectively gaining four activations. Those activations could then be used in a variety of ways. You could launch four different unmanned vipers, you could instead have the same viper activate four times, or you could combine the two. Just remember that each activation only does one thing (launch, move or shoot).

Hope this helps!

I believe the maximum would be around 10 activations, if Apollo receives an executive order while standing in Command, activates Command twice to have four activations, used his standard ability to jump into the last one launched and then used his bonus action for another six activations (though not with his own viper).

In sum, this should hurt some toasters.

Oh, and the CAG title might play into this in some way as well when using Exodus.

Heh, that's pretty crazy. Actually, with Exodus I think you can get significantly more. CAG grants at least a bonus one, potentially more, then State of Emergency could add 10 more if everyone's standing on Command, and the zero value that activates a viper from a skill check can occur multiple times during a turn.

I guess we could ask why anyone would want or need this many viper activations, or why the fleet doesn't have anything better to do than finding out how many times an unmanned viper can lap Galactica in a turn, but why spoil the fun? sorpresa.gif

It's funny, I was just thinking about this last week. It seemed to suggest that one player could perform these actions infiinity number of times. Talk about PA!

I think the clarifying sentence is on Page 25, "When a player activates a viper, he must choose one of the following options:" The text at the bottom should read, "Each viper may be activated any number of times up to the player's available activations..."

Yeah, it is confusing. And it took me a while to embrace the idea that Command's "Activate 2 unmanned vipers" can mean activate the same one twice, or that Apollo's "Activate 6 unmanned vipers" can mean activate the same one six times. It's really an important distinction though.

@Holy Outlaw

I guess that's what happens when you allow Starbuck into the CIC...

Thanks, guys, for the quick and concise responses. I had obviously confused 'activations' with 'actions'. This makes so much more sense and we're going to have a ton of fun when we play.

Thanks again!!!

No sweat! Let us know how it went. happy.gif