Reprint news from Nexus

By Hellfury, in War of the Ring

Awesome I have been waiting a while to pick up this game!!

Cool news. Does anyone know if they are planning to have different colored plastic for the miniatures?


They are looking into the feasibility of having each Nation's pieces be a different color. They will do it if it's not cost-prohibitive.

I hope so. If they do this I'll be more inclined in getting the game. I was think about the CE, but at $400 it was too steep for me.

Surfing the net provides rumour upon rumour...

Anyone know:

  • when the reprint is due?
  • if it will combine the expansion as well as the base edition?


It is scheduled to be released in September, and it will not contain the expansion.

This is great news. I actually came to this forum to ask about the possibility of a reprint. Low and behold, there's the evidence sitting before my eyes.

Thank you.

sounds like a great game , i'm tempted .

If they actually did the figures in different colours id be highly tempted to get rid of my copy and buy a new one.

A very enjoyable 2 player game, cant wait

Somebody has news of reprint or confirm if release will be in september?


Aparently the designer has entered into a deal with a new Italian company called Ares games to handle the reprint. From what I can tell the creators of the game seem to have no intention of letting the game disapear.

They still look to be keeping with the last quarter of 2011 for release.

Not just a reprint but an updated edition.

Its an official press release as of today. No longer a rumor. Hopefully there will be a revision of the expansion and then more expansions.

Yeeeeeah!!! Can't wait to buy me one :)


Will FFG sell/host it?

DarthJalapeno said:


Will FFG sell/host it?

That's my question. Anybody know??

I was waiting to get my hands on an FFG edition as one of my next investments.

And is it being released in September 2011 or 2012?

I think the September release was the original one from Nexus, so considering the delay caused by that companies liquidation and the new company picking up the titles, I wouldn't think that date is still valid anymore and I wouldn't be surprised if it's not until November or December. Either way, this is really good news. Hopefully FFG will manage to get the distro rights again though I've yet to see anything about it in the Upcoming list, so that's not a good sign.

Oops, sorry, I forgot to add that the old date was for 2011.

Why is reprinting the CE of this game upsetting. I saw a video where someone mentioned 400 was upsetting for a price for a board game and yet I see this CE version and people trying to make like 4 or 5 or heck more in profit (as they see it as an investment) and thus they are "upset" they can leech off others and make mad money off of it.

I don't suppose I like the making of collector items solely for an aftermarket effect. If that is the case then FFG should have sold it for even more. OR, here's the smart thing: make 2k of these guys, then make another 1k and don't sell them and say 10 years from now when they are 'ultra rare' slowly sell them off. You originally sold for 400, then make them rare, then since our capitalist system works on rarity which in cases like this is done purposely the original maker can cash in since suddenly you'll see a copy for sale and they can either undercut that guy trying to get 5k for a board or they can easily charge three times the original.

In the end, I like the game and I had a chance to buy the CE but did not for the fact I never played the game and didn't want to invest in a game that might not be, like say Talisman is, or Twilight Imperium, a game I know a CE version is worth having. Yes, they should just make a CE version of Twilight Imperium 3 with all those little ships and such.

In the end, we have to give work to chinese workers who paint these little minis. So apparently it is possible to make a hand painted set for 400 (they must use the same workers who do dwarven forge stuff and heroclix?)

Jokes aside I think who cares if some owners of CE editions are mad or not. They already own them what are they going to do boycott FFG games? sell their game? sit in like the protesters on Wall Street? Basically them being upset would be simply a meaningless gesture. Since if they bought the game they either a) liked it or b) bought it solely to resell at inflated prices so either way they would be upset and if re-released still buy more copies to horde for some future resell.

Yet, apparently, the larger cards and map and such are good ideas and prompt a redo of the game, which explains why there are not many copies. Why not do a copy of the game like that. Off a hardcover set of the rules bound sold separately if you want it, and a set of the minis. FFG has all those arkham asylum minis so they have the hook up on Chinese people sitting around painting minis somewhere, so why not some LOTR figs too.

I don't even mind if FFG profits more on the initial sale. Don't charge 400 if a year or so later we'll see it for 1,700 on ebay. Just sell the darn thing for like 800. If someone is crazy enough to spend 1,700 they are crazy enough to spend 800. I would not pay that.

Personally, I would pay 500. So add 100 of pure profit to your margin FFG and just redo the CE version of the game BUT drop the big wooden box and instead put them in an Army Case type of case, the type you see with the foam. They are normally called Battle Boxes and are for miniature wargames. They sell for about 30-50 (maybe 60) each and if needed sell 2 of them to fit all those minis (I don't know how many it would take but it strikes me as one larger one would do it. Plus those two optional guys, the white gandalf and the strider king model just add them all.

Plus you realize if you have this great resource of Chinese workers (or whatever third world place you use, I say let Canadians do it) painting these things, then like heroclix you realize that since it is LOTR related people might buy those minis just because and do so for some reason they wish.

For example, I don't play heroclix but I use those minis for roleplaying games, and things like the police minis when I run call of cthulhu type games. Why? because they are .30 cents each and look great.

If you do reprint this game I would seriously buy it now that I learned more about it. Perhaps you can do an Age of Conan CE game too, and while your going hogwild, a good CE version of Twilight Imperium. For the "collectors" charge 1000 dollars. Then you can pock 500 extra. Don't let them profit off of your hard work. If you do, secretly make like 1000 extra copies for some future day to sell on ebay.

Thanks for this great information!

Has anyone of you news on the planed changes/updates?

Foreshadow said:

Why is reprinting the CE of this game upsetting.

Perhaps you're confused on the whole Collector's Edition concept. Whether you like it or not, that the way it is. You snooze, you lose.