So now it´s 4th of november -did Anyone recive one of these yet??

By Raazorfiend, in Deathwatch Collectors Edition

I´m of course looking forward to getting my own copy and I should think it´s been about 6-8 weeks since sep 14th.

Just curious as to when I can get playing.

It has not arrived. Also, going by the history, the news post state that the DW release date as being Sep 17. Therefore it has barely been 7 weeks. The note on the CE product states 8-10 weeks, so soon, almost certainly by the end of November. But remember, hope is the first step on the road to dissappointment.

Same question as the OP, but now on November 28th.

As per the latest news post for the collector's edition, it will be shipping within the U.S. by early December, and internationally sometime soon after that. So for me, hopefully before my next game.

Sorry to bring back a dead thread, but it is now Dec. 7th. And still no word.

Curiously enough, someone already has it up on Ebay, with cardboard box and all. How aggrivating.

What about the rest of us, eh?

Did you not receive an email mid-November saying that the books were on their way to FFG's offices, and that they would start shipping to us early December?

Your seeing one on ebay just shows they have indeed started sending them. Given that it's probably taken them a few days to ship all the boxes, and that it may take a few extra days to reach you depending on where you live, it's only normal that some people receive it before others. The important thing is that since at least one person received it, it probably means we'll all get ours soon! happy.gif

So todays the 9th of dec and I for one have not recived anything yet, nor a email since the one in mid november.

I´m rather disappointed with the service provided (or lack thereof) in this affair..

It´s typical that EU are left to rot while USA gets everything first and frankly I´m sick of it.

I expected more from FFG.

Raazorfiend: Actually, if memory serves, the ebayer was in the United Kingdom.

Matheiu: The e-mail I had gotten had stated that it was on the boat. I made the comment in that it is getting (now) towards mid December and we've heard nothing as of yet (at least as far as I am aware). Feel free to prove me wrong, as I would like to be. ;D

I believe the copy on eBay is the un-personalized copies shipped to retailers. I really would like some kind of update from FFG about expected ship dates. The last thing we heard was an early December ship but as of yet nothing.

As long as I get mine before the Holidays I'm happy.

T- 2 weeks!

Well, it is December 10th and I haven't gotten any thing yet (I'm a US resident for the EU people who think they are being left out). I haven't gotten an e-mail since the one in November like everyone else and I haven't seen any thing relating to the CE, not even the unpersonalized copies.

Fair enough - so it´s EQUILY bad!! - FFG really needs to get a update out on this!

Read my post on the RPG forum happy.gif

According to my e-mail, UPS (with tracking number, thankfully) is delivering it to my house this Friday, US East Coast.

Which, hopefully, means good news for the rest of you about when to expect yours!

Cheers! :D

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My Email Response

"Your order for Deathwatch Collectors Edition should be sent out by the end of the week."

btw retailer.

Just arrived. About to unbox.

Unboxed, and its a nice physical piece, my book is great, though the case, (which is still cool) i'll probably end up repainting, to get it to look like the pictures. Giant drybrush strokes, of boltgun metal over black shows, as does the brass color outside the lines.

sounds like a great game , i'm tempted .