What is the sweet spot for # of players?

By Hendal, in Colossal Arena

What do you recommend the most for this? I love it 2 person and think it is its own unigue great 2 person game and it plays very differently with 3-5 people.

So what do you think is the best # of player for this one? 2-5?

Also if you just had 3-5 to choose from, what would you recommend as your favoirite?

Game On'

I think that 4 players is the best.

With 5, there are to many turns in between yours and the next time you get to play a card, so you don't have very much control over whether your creature will survive till your next turn.

With 2 and 3, you have to much control. The rounds will drag out a long time, as each player will stall until they can either end the round themselves safely, or put someone else in a position to end the round by hitting the player other than yourself. It is really hard to get any important creatures killed.

I think that 4 people hits the sweet spot.

I have only ever played it with 4, but it seems to me to be a great spot. I never got bored playing it, the game flowed smoothly each time. It was beautiful with that amount.

Though I can agree with the sweetness of the 4-player game, I personally enjoy this as a 2-player game. But this is most likely because there aren't many FFG games that can efficiently support 2 players, thus amplifying the enjoyment of those that do. Outside of CIA, CA, and Ingenious, I cannot honestly think of another game is any fun to play with duo. And the sad part about that is that most of the games say 2-_ players right on the box, even though it is blatantly obvious that the game has major flaws with only 2 people.

I have played with 3, 4, and 5 players; I like 4 the best. As someone stated earlier, with three players you have too much control. I enjoyed playing with five, but that was mostly due to the group I was playing with. With four players, the tension is just right, and you don't have to worry about running out of cards.

Yea, I would really like to see a game that works BEST with 3 players; most everything we play works best with 4, Caylus is our best option most of the time.

Personally, I've found three or four to be the most enjoyable. Three allows for a little more control over the result of the game, but four allows for a little more chaos and even odds… my play group has some decent skill gaps, so that is appreciated.