Sold Out!

By Gvegas67, in Deathwatch Collectors Edition

I hate my luck!

I was in the process of buying the Collectors Edition and had to update my billing address and what do you know...Sold out in the 5 minutes it took to do that.

So is there any chance that some of the non-personalized copies will be made available to purchase or can be purchased now to personalize.

I hate missing an opportunity b/c of this kind of stuff.

Thanks for any reply from the FFG staff

Wow, that sucks.

I heard that one of the big game distributors was offering a deal to some stores to get this product, but they had to order at least a dozen copies of the basic book to get it. If you live near a major gaming store, you might be able to get a generic-named copy.

Well it appears that when the page displaying In stock or Out of stock had updated that it was in fact still In Stock. I was thankfully able to buy a copy of the personalized Collector's Edition and from what I can tell there are still some copies left to be sold still as the page still says In Stock at this time. Not sure what caused the error but it was either fixed or worked itself out.

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Excellent. Congrats!

I had a similar problem. An error with my card in this case. I reloaded and the page said it was out of stock.

With one of my cards, it would never take it, swapped cards and my order went through.

Sold out! Heavy Sigh. Very Heavy Sigh. I was hoping I had time but I guess not. Grats on who got it.

I was able to order the next day. Keep an eye on it.

So, this is slightly confusing. Some people saying it's sold out, others saying it isn't. And this thread is from 2 years ago…

The listing for this item still says In Stock, and I just ordered one, although I never received any sort of tracking confirmation and it's going on 2 weeks since I ordered it.

Did I just pay for something that is already sold out, and the website is listing it incorrectly as being in-stock?