Rule Clarification

By Filigrana, in Blue Moon City

HI - just started playing BMC after getting it for christmas. Great game - however I have a query about the rules and play with the cards and discard rules. We are not sure how many cards you should discard as it seems we ended up with too many cards during the game which made it extremely easy to play. By my understanding, during your player's move they can use a card and it's power to summon a dragon for example, then use cards to reconstruct a part of the ruin, and as long as you have enough cards using wild cards etc you could actually finish building a ruin. In fact you can use anywhere up to 8 or 9 cards in a move. You then discard all these cards and can draw 4 more cards from the pile of fresh cards. Is this correct? Or am I missing something?Or do you only discard 2 cards max and keep the other cards to use again - no matter how many cards you used in your turn?

I would really appreciate a clarification of this rule as the rules accompanying the game are not specific in my interpretation.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.


Phase 1 - Moving around the board, sometimes you can play cards during this phase to move.

Phase 2 - Building and moving dragons on the board. You play cards to build and move the dragons across the board.

Phase 3 - You can discard zero, one or two cards from your hand then draw two cards plus an additional card for each extra card discarded.

During your turn you can play as many cards in your hand as you want too or can. During the discard/draw phase, if you choose to you can discard zero, one or two cards. Then you draw two cards plus one additional card for each card you discarded. If you played all your cards during the second phase, when you are building or moving dragons you would have zero cards to discard during the third phase and you would draw two cards into your hand.

Playing cards to build or move dragons during the second phase is NOT discarding and does count toward your draw cards or discards.

I hope this helps clarify the discard/draw rule. Its one of my favorite games and I'm glad your having a good time with it so far!

Whenever you play a card it goes to the discard pile.

You will always draw to cards at the end of your turn.

Before you draw those 2 cards and end your turn you may if you want discard up to 2 cards and then draw as many as were discarded. Either 1 or 2. You do not have to discard any cards if you like what you have already but then when your turn is over you will always draw the 2 cards at the end of your turn.

Many thanks for your reply to my question. I reckon we now have the rules sussed out and are enjoying a great game with our family!

Best wishes


When you play acard to move/ summon a dragon it goes to discard pile. When you play a card to add to a tile it goes to discard pile. basicly if you use the card for any action it is discarded, you don't hold them in your hand.