more than 1 charachter into the same tile?

By air show, in Drakon

I've bought today Drakon 3rd and I've tried few games. first of all, I like it a lot, it seems so simple at the beginning, but it isn't!!

just one question: is it possible to have more than one charachter on the same tile? and what about the tile's effects?

for ex: player A turn: he move in a floating room, and moves the tile near another tile with player B. next round, A choose to put a new tile, so he remeins on that space. B choose to go into the folating A and B are in the same tile. is it possible? and what happens? i think that B transfer the tile with both characters where he wants, and A must accept it.

so I think that it's possible to have more characters toghether, and that the tile's effects work the same way for all of them. Am I right?

It's been a while since I played Drakon, but I don't remember any rule against players being on the same tile at the same time. If the tile in question starts moving then any other heroes on the tile would go with it, of course.

it seems ok for me too, thanks!

Yeah, that's right. In fact, there are certain powers that the characters have which only work when you ARE on the same space. Yer doin' it right! happy.gif