Olando, Florida Event!

By EineHund, in Journey to Black Fire Pass

Hey gang,

We have four sessions over the weekend - 6pm on Friday, July 23rd :: 11am and 3pm Saturday, July 24th :: 1pm Sunday, July 25th.

Location is Sci-Fi City on Hwy 50/Colonial Drive - sign up sheets available for early sign ups!

Will say the event looks great - they did a solid job on this one!

First session tonight went awesome! Everyone had a great time - full detailed write up coming in a bit as I'm beat.

Took ~3hours for the first 2/3rd of the module, little long in one part and then in the second part we added the fourth player who arrived late.

Everyone really enjoyed the system - any other GM's, I'm not sure if the BFP encounter is too tough as written - as I see it there are NO henchmen in the fight...thoughts on that?

Awesome though...just awesome!