The “Last” Goodbye

By Wandalf the Gizzard, in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

As you all know, FFG is shutting down these forums at the end of the year. Alongside content creator stalwarts like Cardboard of the Rings, Grey Company and countless more, this discussion board has provided me and I’m sure many of you with entertainment, memories, and camaraderie to be treasured forever.

This post is essentially a thank you and a goodbye. The end of something as trivial as a forum is no large matter, but, I feel it is still deserving of a proper sendoff.

I want to thank the members of this community for making it truly the best one in the world. Thank you for showing me and all the newbies the ropes when we first started playing. Thank you for such a friendly, wholesome environment, and thank you for keeping the game alive with your enthusiasm!

As silly and over the top as it may sound, I will never forget this community. I would produce a list of the people I want to specifically express my gratitude towards, but it would be far too long!

We know LotR LCG will likely end soon after this forum closes, and while our friendship will still continue through other forums and conventions, it won’t be the same for me, and possibly for you as well. Therefore, if anyone has any memories of the LotR LCG community they would like to share, whether of levity or gravity, please do feel free to do so below.

Thank you for entertaining my ramblings one last time. Goodbye for now!

What do you mean by LotR LCG ending soon? It has technically ended already. Or do you mean they gonna stop printing it altogether?

This was probably the most pleasant message board I've ever been involved in. ❤️ ❤️

4 hours ago, TrueLolzor said:

What do you mean by LotR LCG ending soon? It has technically ended already. Or do you mean they gonna stop printing it altogether?

These forums are shutting down at the end of January. The game itself, while completed, will continue to be reprinted and sold.

I’m definitely going to keep playing the game and if we get Dreadnaught content drops or anything like that in the future the game will continue. There is also the sweet player continuation thing which helps too. But either way LOTR is not going to die anytime for me.

But the forums are closing so I’ll reflect on that for sure. The solo league has been great and met some awesome dudes on there and hope to continue it on Board Game Geek. I’m a newer player in the last two years so definitely proud of when we got FFG to answer future of the game by everyone helping vote on my question to them. So they support was awesome. My second favourite is all the fun speculating we did last year when that Reddit Poem got released.

This is the most respectful forum and group of people I have encountered. And along with the Facebook group it’s super nice to find a non-toxic part of the internet.

I've enjoyed being on this board more than most (the amout of posts I made is more than I think I have on any other board) and it'll be sad to see it go.

I'm going to miss the forums a ton, especially solo league. For anyone not on it, the COTR Discord is a great and still active community around LOTR LCG!

I was part of this forum for only I short time but it was a very nice place to hang out, talk about our beloved game, take part in the Solo League, exchange crazy deck ideas and so forth. I hope to still see some of you guys around in other corners of the Internet.

I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil 😢 😢

Thank you all. This was THE best lotr lcg message board around. So many resoueces, decks and rulings going to be lost. I wish they kept it around because many discussions here were invaluable but it is what it is. Goodbye!

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2 hours ago, Zura said:

rulings going to be lost

From what I gather the host of LOTR LCG Quest Companion is going to scrap and save the rulings from these boards

So long all you excellent Hobbitses! This forum will be missed, but I will continue playing the game.

It's been a pleasure! I hope to see many of you fine folk around the CotR discord in the future.

Despite being less active in the past year or so, I learned a lot from the people on this forum..

Thank you all and hope to discuss some rules and cards in discord.

The co-op forums on these boards (LotR & Arkham Files) are some of the nicest & least toxic communities on the net. It really is a shame to see it go.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

I'm late to the farewell party but wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for so many friendly people on this forum. A lot of fun discussions have been had and this was my favorite place to discuss this wonderful game.

I peruse the LOTR LCG reddit sub from time to time when I'm at work and there is some fun content in there from time to time. People are cordial there and there are some good discussions so I will stay as active there as I am now. I will also check out the COTR discord as I hear great things.

With that, thank you for a great community. Hope to see many of you on the other shore!

(I'm too tired tonight, but before the forums shut down I will go update my personal progress thread one final time. I'm going to have to figure out where to continue that!)

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I'm also late and have been occupied with other hobbies. BUT, I still consider LOTR LCG my favorite game ever and my love for Tolkien and Tolkien hobbies has not waned (my now huge collection of Mithril miniatures proves it). I'm still waiting for a reprint of ASitE to finish off my collection and actually play the last cycle, but I know it will be a fantastic return to the game when I finally get it. The LOTR LCG still remains the best internet community I've ever had the fortune of being in, and this forum in particular I called home for many years. I'll cherish the good memoriesof the discussions and custom cards we had on here, and the wonderful other users snd contributors. Glad to see the ALEP project is taking off, when I come back to this game there will still be a ton of new content for me, not to mention the years of replayability. I'll miss this forum and all of you people.

It has been a pleasure for me participating here for nearly 9 years... Lots of chats and thoughts with users not active long now.

I still love the game, playing it with my son whose birth was one of the reason I started playing (he was born premature and on a walk during the visits in the hospital I found out the game).

Wish you all the best

PS: No hard feelings but I will never understand the attitude of ffg towards the game and it's community over the last few years... Never made sense to me.

As mainly a solo gamer, and also a LOTR fan, this game has been right up my street. But it has been great to know that when I've needed advice over some brain-freezing dilemma, this forum would come up trumps. A real community in the virtual!

It's been an honor to contribute what I could to this forum—I probably posted more on here than on any single other forum on the Internet—and I am sad to see it go. But the spirit of the game and its community lives on.

I will not say the Day is done,
nor bid the Stars farewell.

(Quick reference to sum up all the rulings: no, that card doesn't work like Quick Strike; yes, you have to choose that, unless it's Followed by Night; it's not in any phase; you didn't pay the cost; hot second.)

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (as Gollum would say)

I didn't write too much, but I was always reading everyone's posts.

Goodbye everybody. A sincere thanks for inmense support and enthusiasm.

And all will turn
To silver glass
A light on the water
Grey ships pass
Into the West

Even though I was mostly a lurker, it was a pleasure to be part of this community. Lord of the Rings LCG was my first solo experience and still my favorite card game after all these years. These forums will be missed.