Dark Elves, how they should be played

By Calixtus, in Blood Bowl: Team Manager

Those who say the Dark Elves are weak have no idea what they are talking about. I just played a 1v1 game against a newbie Chaos Player, and although in the early game, he was pulling far ahead, with some clever plays, and my own (admittedly this isn't a good show) houserules, I managed to make a comeback and draw on a 41/41 final score. Thinking back, if I implemented my Assassin with Dodge Ability, I would have probably won, if I didn't forget it at least. For the last weekly playoff, I had three Linemen in my hand, and two Dark Elf Star Players (I always go for those, instead of the other Teams' Star Players in the Star Player Deck), and one Assassin. I used the Assassin from the getgo, not for its Tackle, but for its Sprint, to remove those redundant Linemen. I got a Dark Elf Runner, and used that again for its Sprint Skill. I got another Assassin, and used that for its final Sprint, and got rid of that last Lineman. I can't remember every detail, but using the Staff Upgrade and Team Upgrade Cards I had available to my best, I came up from behind, gaining in Fans to the point I nearly won the Chaos Player who was far ahead in points. And I remember just one good play, being the use of Deathlace when he used his Minotaur to Tackle my Assassin, and he rolled a Tackle and X, so I Downed his Minotaur as well as my Assassin, and as Deathlace in my version allows you to use Downed Skills, I got possession of the Ball. The problem was the Minotaur had the ability to Tackle when he is Downed during a Tackle attempt, and he rolled successfully enough to Injure my Assassin. Thinking back, I forgot the Assassin had Dodge. If I remembered, I might have gained a point more or so, and won that game. That's all I have to say in regards to the Dark Elves, they are a formidable force, especially with my houserules. I never play without my houserules, because it balances the Team so much, and makes them a match for the other supposedly "stronger" Teams. Anybody that wants to know what those houserules are, please do ask of me, thanks for reading this rant.

The Dark Elves happen to be my favourite Team too, except perhaps for my High Elf Team. Can anyone with Photoshop knowledge help me create my variant homebrew Teams? I got like ten over of them, and they are in need of balancing, so someone with that interest can help me too.