[Ruling] Rally and reshuffling

By Goateh, in L5R LCG: Rules Discussion


Does Rally trigger a reshuffle if there are no cards left in your dynasty deck?

Looks like the relevant RRG section will need to be updated. Rally does trigger a reshuffle if there are no cards left in your dynasty deck.

[Tyler Parrott, May 5 2020]


Is Rally basically "Reaction-speed"? It feels like it from the wording that it is. Which doesn't really align with a previous ruling you had included on Diversionary Maneuver, a card which also includes the word "then". This ruling was:
"All reactions to things that occur during the resolution of Diversionary Maneuver (the move in reactions, the revealing a province reactions, the bowing characters, etc) occur after the entire event’s effects have finished resolving. So both players have moved characters to the new conflict before Rally to the Cause triggers."

For Rally to work mid-resolution, is there an opened reaction window for anything? If so, does this align with your ruling on Diversionary Maneuver? Perhaps a better question would be a board state with the following:
1) Ardent Omoidasu, under the effect of Smuggling Deal
2) Honored Akodo Toturi

If I play Mark of Shame on Toturi, does my opponent get two Omoidasu triggers, or just one (where both dishonor instances have collapsed into a single "character(s) have been dishonored by an ability" event)?

Keywords resolve immediately after the triggering condition occurs, before triggering any reaction abilities. In this sense, they are “faster” than reactions. You could break down the triggering condition timing such that effects resolve as such:

  • 1. Forced Interrupt
    • a. Would
    • b. Not-would
  • 2. Interrupt
    • a. Would
    • b. Not-would
  • 3. Triggering Condition
  • 4. Keyword
  • 5. Forced Reaction
  • 6. Reaction

Reactions (and forced reactions) cannot interrupt the resolution of abilities, but interrupts and keywords can. (I don’t think it’s explicitly spelled out in this way in the rulebook, but it sounds like something that would do to be added to the next available rules update!
To your Omoidasu/Toturi question, the Omoidasu would be able to trigger its ability twice to two separate instances of “dishonor a character,” but they would occur within the same reaction window. (Per “Triggering Condition” on page 20 of the RRG, multiple triggering conditions are handled in a shared interrupt/reaction window.)

[Tyler Parrott, Sep 16 2020]