What kind of complexity can I expect from this game ?

By Elrad, in X-Men: Mutant Insurrection


I did not play the Elder's Sign and I watched only a small part of the long Let's play FFG broadcasted yesterday.

I'm coming from Marvel Champions and thus I kind of love complex games (not complicated ones). I like playing "heavy games" but not overloaded ones (I love War of the Ring but will never play Twilight Imperium because it looks too heavy, too time-consuming and expansive).

That said I like LCG's but also board games and have nothing against something slightly lighter than what i've listed above.

Games look to be quick ones and I don't know if they plan expansions or just some cool game (sorry didn't watch the full video, not much time on my hands).

Was Sign of the Ancient a complex game ? To what kind of public do you think it was targeted ?

Thanks for your answers :-)

Elrad !