New Places, New Faces

By zjbh7, in Secrets of the Crucible

This post is for those who have read the book and feel like sharing some of the strange and new species of the Crucible they have made via the species creation rules and the lands/cultures they live in. So to start off I introduce the Eldritch Spawn, a Lovecraftian inspired species with two different communities, one a more classical Great Old One inspired like city, and the other a slice of Americana made bizarre by its inhabitants.

Eldritch Spawn


Eldritch Spawn are the mixed breed offspring of the children of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. They differ greatly in their strange appearance from spawn to spawn, but are always somewhat asymmetrical. They do all share common characteristics. At least one of their appendages ends in a hand, with the other is a tentacle or a mass of tentacles. They all are natural swimmers. The spawn also speak that their ancestors flying through the stars without need of ship or sustenance. Although it appears they may have lost their ability for such flight, they appear to have no real need for breathing or food, although they do eat just for pleasure.

Before the Crucible:

It is said that the those who come to the Crucible not only come from other worlds, but other dimensions and realities. Perhaps on one such realty, a strange eon past and death did die. The Great Cthulhu awoke and he and the other Great Old Ones conquered the Earth.

Mankind was wiped out in madness and horror. The children of the Great Old Ones now ruled the earth and the stars beyond. Another strange eon past and the Great Old Ones retreated from reality once more. Their children created a new society and interbred, creating the Eldritch Spawn as they are known today. And then came New Carcosa, seemingly bubbling from a thick haze one dreary morning. Its cyclopean structures of basalt and onyx clawed against the mad green sky that hung over the land (at least in that sector of the Crucible).

Life on the Crucible:

The first representative from New Carcosa to arrive in Hub City was Camilla. Camilla introduced herself as the descended of the King in Yellow and she came in a show of solidarity and peace with the races of the Crucible. For those who come from a version of Earth, most notably the Star Alliance, they are weary of the Eldritch Spawn’s motives, as the Quantum’s record banks hold the stories of one Howard Phillip Lovecraft and Robert Chambes who makes references of the Great Old Ones, the King In Yellow, and their children. Strangely though, or perhaps not knowing the history of the Eldritch Spawn, it is Mars that have a desire for allegiances with the Eldritch Spawn. Of course, it would be a race world conquering aliens that would find kinship with the inhabitants of New Carcosa (who decend from world conquering aliens.

Eldritch Spawn Communities of Note:

New Carcosa: This is the city of the Eldritch Spawn, resting beside a lake of silver and violet waters. Its buildings of The inhabitants of the city mill about in a daily routine seen in other communities, but done so with a strange eerie silence. In fact, the city is so quite not even the wind or animal dare makes a sound. The buildings are covered with bas reliefs of indescribable monstrosities and unnatural shapes,

Bradburry: A second community of Eldritch Spawn have arrived on the Crucible. This one is way different than New Carcosa, being structured and appearing to be a late 1950’s- early 1960s American town. Built by Eldritch Spawn who may have some kind of fascination for the human society of that era, it is promoted as a nice, peaceful place to raise your newly hatched spawn. Homes with well-manicured lawns, cozy stores, and a drive thru theater is just some of the places one will see when they walk the streets. Any human may feel at home here for a brief moment until they notice the married of bizarre looking Eldritch Spawn living in Bradburry.

Eldritch Spawn of Note:

Cassilda : Introducing herself as the Princess in Yellow, the Descendent of the King in Yellow, or The Named Child of the Nameless One, Cassilda is the ruler of New Carcosa. She is not as Asymmetric is the rest of her kind. She wears a purposefully tattered yellow robe in honor of the King in Yellow. For the most part she looks like a normal humanoid female, but not completely. Cassilda has creamy white skin, one arm that ends in a hand, and the other in a mass of black tendrils. Her “hair” is also a mass or tendrils. She has no noise, and one large cat eye in the center where two eyes should be. Recently Cassilda has left New Carcosa to travel to Hub City because her throne is under threat. A decedent of Nyarlathotep by the name of The Dark Mass Ever Writhing in the Void, has plans to unseat Cassilda and take her place. So, Cassilda’s agenda for her travel is meeting with the other species and find allies to help her secure her birthright.

Xox’zhul: Cassilda’s bodyguard is descended from the star spawn of Cthulhu. He is a seven-foot-tall creature of rubbery skin and muscle. His head resembles that of an octopoid (a normal look inherited from his ancestors). He dolts over Cassilda and takes his duty seriously.

Sherriff Ahn’day: The beloved sheriff of Bradburry, Ahn’day is a thin, gangly elder spawn with oily black skin and beady red eyes. He wears a tan button up shirt and pants reminiscent of human wear of the 1960s, and sports a sheriff’s badge proudly displayed on left breast pocket. Despite his looks, Ahn’day is a plane spoken man with a constant cheery attitude towards everyone. The sudden transition of Bradburry to the Cruicible is a mystery, and the towns folk are a little bit unsettled by this. Sherriff Ahn’day has his hands full calming down the citizens. He may be willing to take on help, even from other species to keep the peace in the town, as his deputy, Bah’harn’nay isn’t the brightest.

Eldritch Spawn Stats
















11 + Brawn

10 + Willpower





· Amphibious: Never suffer penalties for moving through water

· Thermal Sense: Eldritch Spawn do not add a setback dice to checks due to darkness, smoke, or other such obscurities. High temperature environmental effects may add a setback dice.

· Unliving: Members of this species do not need to eat normal food. They also do not need to sleep or breath. They are unaffected by toxins and poisons. Bone Eaters do however need to eat bones for nourishment as long as they are calcium enriched bones for a standard carbon-based lifeform.

· Tentacle Appendage: An Eldritch Spawn always has one appendage that is either one long tentacle or a mass of tendrils. This species Brawl and Melee attacks have the Ensnare 1 quality. The other appendage always ends in a hand.

· Starting Skill: Eldritch Spawn start with one rank in Æ mbercraft. They obtain this rank before spending experience points, and this skill cannot be increased higher than rank 2 during character creation.

Creator’s Notes: At first I had thought of making all the different types of Mythos monsters, like star spawn of Cthulhu, Nightgaunts, Deep One, etc. But decided it would be more work than I want just to make a every of Mythos monsters. So, I combined some of the characteristics of those monsters into an interbred race. Of course, tentacles and amphibious traits. Undying works because, well, it seems the Great Old Ones are immortal, so why not pass that off to their kin. Also sense some mythos monsters can fly through space, it felt like Undying was a good choice to represent that as well. The choice of Æ mbercraft works with all stories that mention the Necronomicon and other books of magic. And the Keyforge book explains that some of the races who once used mysticism had to change how they did it when they reached the Crucible, using Æ mber as the new focus for such “magic”.












Silhouette 1






Hands and Tentacles














Indistinguishable From Magic