Keyforge - Poisonous Species Feature

By Judicar, in Rules Questions

Hey folks,

I have a question about the poisonous species feature when creating a new species under the rules in Secrets of the Crucible.

The poisonous feature is as follows:


This species secretes poison, exudes toxic fumes, bleeds acid, or is otherwise dangerous to be around. While another creature is engaged with a member of the species, Threat can be spent from that other character's checks to make them suffer 1 wound.

Based on this, would you say that the 1 wound bypasses soak or does soak come in to play here?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Typically, if the book says they 'suffer wounds', it ignores soak. If the book says they take or suffer damage, it does not ignore soak.

Okay, glad to hear that my first impression was correct! Thanks for your input.