Original Locations

By HaphazardNinja, in Secrets of the Crucible

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  • Sector Name: Silvergrain Fields
  • Sector Information
    • Gravity: Standard
    • Sky: Pale Blue
    • Sun: Soft Green
    • Moon: Twin Silver Moons
  • Notable Feature
    • Fields of Silvergrain Wheat: A desired component of æmbread
      • Once per day may perform Survival check to Harvest 1 bundle (2 Encumbrance)
      • Worth 50 bits in trade, or 80 with any Advantage
  • Primary Settlement: Hilltop
    • Small village based around silvergrain farming
    • Culture
      • Anyone visiting the village must present their all their weapons to the gate guards as a show of honesty and respect. Not doing so will add 2 Setback dice to social interactions until the heroes have proven themselves trustworthy.
      • Silvergrain must not be burned or allowed to burn.
    • Lettuce Inn: Local Tavern and Inn
      • Lettuce: Pyll owner. No-nonsense with a soft spot for new adventurers.
      • Tomato: Lettuce’s youthful offspring. Eager to hear heroic stories.
      • Bacon: Silicate security and Lettuce’s partner. Communicates only in grunts.
    • Sα-M “Sammy”: Armorsmith Æmbercrafter
      • Formerly LOGOS Robot
      • Shop has a poorly covered vault-like door that the townsfolk have long-since stopped asking about.
    • Revered Piledriver
      • Elderly Giant and sole clergy in one of the last few temples to an ancient religion.
      • The focus of worship is eerily similar to an NPC the heroes encountered not too long ago.
    • Flat Jasper
      • Mayor of Hilltop
      • Goblin with a massive nose long since flattened by a giant’s fist
      • Strength: Skilled Diplomat, Flaw: Defends his town’s honor with a boxing match
  • Adventure Hooks
    • Reverend Piledriver tasks the heroes with a carrying a sacred æmber relic to some sacred ruins atop a small mountain nearby. The heroes find that the ruins have become the campsite of a Martian scout outpost.
    • Sammy has been acting odd since some shadowy strangers arrived a few days ago. The heroes notice that one of the robot's memory drives is missing.
    • An elderly and somewhat naïve farmer asks the heroes to help with some chores and repairs to her ranch. In addition to warm meals and bag of æmbits, she gifts the heroes a strange puzzlebox she received long ago from what was clearly a Dis demon.
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