Question regarding completing a quest

By Hox82, in Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

I realize I'm (very) late to discover this game as ever forum post is a few years old. But had a question was hoping I could get help with.

At the end of a question (foul stench), can you achive "victory" and call it a win if heros die? What about if enemies are still engaged?

Victory happens when you explore the last Grumps Sump location. Defeat is when all your heroes die. What happens if neither of those happen? Say you are still engaging/exploring but at the last peril stage. Do you keep repeating the last peril stage until one of those occur?

If one of your heroes dies, can it still be a victory? Like sacrificing a hero for the greater good of the team to finish the quest. I realize I'm just doing one quest and not the full campaign. Would you start the next quest with all 4 even if one died in the prior quest?

Thanks for any help I can get!