Monster Markers

By buzard, in Elder Sign

I have not been able to find out how to play a certain type of monster marker. Let's say there are 3 tasks. The top task has the white lace design around it. I get a mythos card that say "a monster appears" I draw a Shoggoth and place it on the top task. The Shoggoth has a scroll a tentacle and a -1 sanity. On my first try I get a scroll and a tentacle. Do I take -1 sanity right away or does that only happen when I complete the adventure? Does it happen if I don't complete the adventure ? Since I completed the monster requirement if I fail the adventure do I get to keep the monster for the reward and of course take the -1 sanity? The health and sanity penalty monster markers don't seem to be covered in the rules.

It happens when you complete this line task. In order to kill the Shoggoth you need to fulfill all three of these at the same time. Rolling the Scroll and the Terror dice are two parts, the -1 sanity is the third. So you would take it immediately in order to kill the monster. You get to keep the monster for the trophy value and you can continue to try and finish the adventure. On this turn you do not have to complete the task that was under the monster. If you fail the adventure then on a new attempt you would have to complete the task as it is now part of the adventure. If you wanted it straight from FFG there is more information in the rules on page 7. It's under the Task heading and is mixed along with the dice face explanations so it can be easily missed. Hope this helps!

Duh. Missed that on entirely. Thanks.

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