BSG and all expansions - reprint?

By glxx, in Battlestar Galactica


yesterday I heard some rumours that there will be reprint of Battlestar Galactica Board Game and all expansions both english and polish versions. Only one question remains: when? Would be great!


I think it is wishful thinking.

I own it all. But I also wish this were true.

We love you, BSG!

I have all expansions in spanish, it is a great game. I hope this reprint. I do not like the 2nd market. People that just bought copies to sell them at hundreds of dollars.

The best information available is that FFG/Asmodee no longer has the Battlestar Galactica license, so there won't be any reprints until/unless that changes.

Ares Games has it now; they're doing what FFG was crazy not to do when they had it - X-Wing but with Vipers and Raiders. The best bet therefore would be to petition them to purchase/license the design from FFG.