Have Day 1A - Want Day 1B

By BrobaFett, in Star Wars™: Armada Ticket Swap

Wife is already bout ready to kill me, so if you have 1B and wouldn't mind spending an extra day basking in the glory of FFG Worlds excitment hit me up and we can swap.

Hey! If it isn't my friend BrobaFett! I was the guy who lent you a Dengar at last year's Worlds Armada Competition. :-) Goodtimes! I must confess, you inspired me a little with my handle name. I didn't mean to steal your handle but utilize components that it would make it easier for people to remember me by when communicating on this forum. I had another name in mind, but this won out because it was a little more universal. Anyway, I have been unsuccessful in securing an Armada Ticket. If you can't find someone to swap with I would consider buying your ticket. Or if you know of someone else who can't go but has a ticket to Armada Worlds Competition, would you mind connecting us. Thanks.