Fansite/layout resources

By Helios Inferno, in Fireborn

I know that Fireborn has no reall downloads available anymore for Eratta/fan website resources or similar, but they might have been available in the past (?)

If anything has been officially made available as resources for making a fan website, or similar package, I'd greatly appreciate being directed to it!

Not sure if they did, if not perhaps someone can tell me which Fonts where used for the Fireborn core book, and possibly help recreate some of the layout of the book.

I very much doubt Fantasy Flight will ever activate/provide a PoD version of any of the books now available as pdf on Drivethrugh rpg, and some of my group would really like to have something of their own to look into for the rules physically.

I have thus been concidering recreating some of the pages of the rules into a booklet of my own design, adding in the eratta and some houserules we use (possibly extra content), but one is an artist and preffers thing to look "fancy", offering to try and recreate the book in a similar way to the official core book in design.

It would greatly help having some resources to help out with such a thing, such as proper fonts, background and other imagery in good resolution. Any help with this would be appreciated!

I am also looking for a reliable source for this kind of games. Please let me know if you have any sources?

On 20-2-2018 at 12:32 PM, jameslee22 said:

I am also looking for a reliable source for this kind of games. Please let me know if you have any sources?

Not sure what "sources" your looking for, the homebrew stuff has already been assembled into pdf's, Lost Lore can be found on google drive, or possibly RPGgeek.

If you meant what I was looking for (art resources), I unfortunately do not have anything other then what can be obtained from the original website/new website by downloading some images.

However, to make something reasonably fancy as homebrew, I have been some succes with this;

It allows you to make homebrew in a 5e D&D style, but no reason why a fancy Fireborn resource cannot be created using it as well.

For images, google can be your friend. Ofcourse if you decide to make it available to the internet, at least be courteous enough to add the original artists that made it and disclaimer it's used without (or with if you been able to ask?) permission.

If anything specific you need, I can try pointing to a direction..

Most stuff was collected on the G+ community, but as G+ started to change..I find it is losing it's users quickly. Most changes are a bit unpopular amongst the suers after all. Still the google drive links and such are still functional.