More content?

By Slanesh, in Road to Legend

FFG tripled Descent sales and still there are only 2 campaigns available? Sorry, 1,5 campaign. Also is it really only 1 side quest per expansion?

Just expressing my disappointment.

My hope is that because the app is in it's infancy the team hasn't had had enough time to expand it completely yet.

I will say this - I purchased Descent solely because of RtL. The wife and I have really been enjoying playing through. We haven't finished yet, so I'm not sure how much more content there is.

I can think of two ways I would happily pay for content:

1. I would be fine with paying for additional campaigns via in app purchase

2. If they were to offer a new campaign with every expansion - I would start snapping them up (this is my favorite option)

I purchased Descent solely for RtL as well. I hope they provide further expansions to this app.

I see that Delve has been released, when will it be available for me Kindle?

When will Delve be available for Kindle?

The app took this game off the shelf and onto the table, and has become my favorite board game! I got Nerekhall for Christmas only to find out there is a DLC coming for it! Nice!