Use Card Sleeves or Don't Bother?

By jamesvr32, in Blue Moon Legends


I just purchased BM Legends and am wondering if you think it is worth the cost to get card sleeves for this.



depends on how brutal you're at shuffling, and on how many games you'll be having with the game. If it's just casual play, like 10-15 games in the next couple of years, you can go unsleeved. If you plan on playing this often, then, sleeves are almost mandatory (like for all card games)

I always sleeve my (regular sized) cards.

You can go nuts with this with coloured backed sleeves made from some special plastic used by NASA untill you've spent more money on sleeves then on cards. But Ultra Pro makes them good and cheap, about 100 for a dollar. I use those and they are perfect for day to day gaming. For that price you might aswell protect your cards from wear and tear (and stains!)

I actualy went to the trouble of sleeving my legendary encounters predator and alien cards... That's about 700 cards. Each! Cost me about 14 euro for the lot but sleeving 700 cards in a row... boy talk about busywork! :)

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