5-6 player game (or other expansions?)

By Marinealver, in Android: Mainframe

Okay so I know the player limit is 2-4 for a reason and with good reason as with 3 players the board could get easily crowded (especially if people don't encroach on other's access nodes. So this is more of a scenario to throw out there. Just thinking for 5 player games well the board will definitely crowded but not impossible. 6 players would be real short because the board space would be real crowded.

So an idea of the 5-6 player to make it better limiting the # of signature programs to 2. Each runner draws 3 as normal but for the faster game discards 1 program.

But there could be room for expansions. Maybe a 5-6 player board extensions. Also there could be more runners added (say 2-4) even give each of the original runner an extra signature program or two to draw/select from their hand.

So what are your thoughts on MOAR runners?

Edited by Marinealver

I think with two copies, this game could easily be expanded to a 6-8 player variant with no rule changes - just add the extra board. The problem is, there are only 6 runners in the rules. So I came up with a couple sets of custom runner cards. Does that qualify as an expansion?

Morse: “View one runner's hand, then trade one of your unique programs for one of theirs. Place one partition.”
Data Corruption: “All runners put their unique programs (including discards) back into their unique deck, shuffle it, and draw three new unique programs. If this program is drawn a second time, playing it causes each runner to select one of their unique programs and pass it to their left.”
Piggyback: “Play this when another runner executes a unique program. Place one partition adjacent to any one of that runner's access point tokens.”
Surface Jump: “Shift one of your access point tokens. Then, place a partition adjacent to it.”
I/O Error: “On your turn, shift one partition the previous runner placed to a position adjacent to one of your access point tokens, even if that partition secured a zone.”
Sneakdoor Alpha: “Take the top three cards from the generic program discard pile, arrange them in any order, and add them to the top of the program stack. Then, execute one generic program from the program suite.”
Zip: Partition placement (ignore periods): |_ _
Heavy Encryption: “Remove one unique program from each other runner's hand at random and place it in their unique program discard pile.”
End of Line: “Play this when another runner attempts to place an access point token. Remove the token and end their turn.”
Shadow: “Place two access point tokens, each adjacent to another runner's token.”