GW models converted to RT

By InquisitorGray, in Rogue Trader

So I am posting this to ask if anyone has made any good Rogue trader plastic models from the Games Workshop line of minitures. If you have, feel free to say which bits you used, and put them up for display. It would be interesting to see what people are coming up with. On that note, has anyone made any nice Battlefleet Gothic ships yet?

I have been faced with this, trying to choose a figure that would accurately represent my vision of my character, a Rogue Trader. I had narrowed it down to 2 GW figures, Kal Jericho or a Commisar Lord. I figured it would be simple to replace what I needed with Fantasy bits, like Empire heads, and mod any weapons from my 40k bits.

I looked a little farther and chose a Warmachine model as my RT. I know the scale is slightly larger, but I really liked the look of the figure and the modding would be a minimum.

Well, you did specify plastic there, so I hope you'll forgive talk of metals...

But if your character gets into xenos armour, that opens up a whole range of possibilities. I've been eyeing the Eldar/Dark Eldar selection available and thinking about some conversion. Of course, we haven't started our game yet, and I'll be in carapace to begin with, so I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

For DH, I actually started with a Pariah and green-stuffed robes and a mask and gave him a sword to create a Templar Calix psyker, so I guess I'll do something similar for RT once I've settled on armour. I'd recommend the Witch-Hunter and Daemonhunter armies, though - the Inquisitor/Assassin models would probably serve RT with a bit of conversion (filing off all those pesky =][=s for a start), and of course there are elites in the Imperial Guard who might work for butch carapace-wearing types. Oh, and you're laughing if you play an Explorator, because there are tonnes of lovely Tech-Priest-type models to choose from!