My copy came today

By Zerg, in The Worlds of Android

What a lovely book. The size and feel is the same as the core books for Star Wars. The artwork and content is amazing!

It really gets me thinking...why doesn't FFG just produce Android:The RPG already?! Heck, most of the content of The Worlds is story seeds! I can't but think I'll flip a page and see some weapon stat table or skills.

What if, instead of miniatures as some RPGs use, Android:RPG could incorporate Netrunner cards?

What if FFG was redoing the art for Android (similar to Fury) and streamlining the rules/game (similar to Fury, Runebound, etc.) for a re-release?

I wish I had enough money to commission both of those projects! If only I had won the Powerball, sigh.

I think they plan to put out an RPG.

Of course they will continue to put out Star Wars RPG books.

I think they only have one more book to do for the End of the World series. I do not know if they have more planned for that series.

I do not know if they are working on a new edition of Fantasy Warhammer.

They are still producing books for Warhammer 40K Dark Heresy 2nd Edition. I don't know if they are doing anything in the others. They might do more for Black Crusade.

They effectively said they would be doing a Legend of Five Rings RPG. They will be doing the card game first. I suspect novels second, then the RPG. That would put them in a good position to start developing a RPG of Android soonish.

Yay! Can't wait :)

Picked mine up from my local game store yesterday... great book!!!

Got my copy today (here in Germany). Unfortunately it has some severe issues... dents and scratches (that someone tried to "repair" by covering them with black marker), pages that got folded before being printed on and cut, color spots. And now it's sold out everywhere so that I won't be able to get a replacement... *sigh*

Got mine from and IT IS FANTASTIC. What a gorgeous book. I'm glad to see the Android Universe being fleshed out, and hope to see LOTS of from it in the future. More games, more books!