Reborn in blood Query...

By SomethingBruin, in Chaos in the Old World

Hi all,

So we're in the middle of a game, and the Khorne player plays the "Reborn in Blood" card. In the first battle he kills all of the opponents models, causing them to be tipped but not removed. The opponent then gets his strikeback for that simultaneous combat. Question is: Does the "additional battle" count all figures' attacks still in that region, tipped or no, or does it only count attacks from models that are still alive?

Bloodthirstily yours,

You resolve the battle completely with the 4 powers (if present). You tip hit figures, roll their die and then clear then off the board. You then conduct an entirely new second battle with the remaining figures. So anyone killed in the 1st battle will not participate in the 2nd.

Great! Thank you kindly for the clarification.