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Gaïa is populated by a bewildering array of powerful characters — adventurers, soldiers, scholars, kings, peasants, priests, brigands, prophets, and anything else one can imagine. Masters of martial arts walk side–by–side with powerful mentalists, magic-users bind spirits to their command, and holy warriors use their skill and power to defend the weak.

But man is not the only intelligent race to have populated Gaïa. More than nine centuries ago, other beings shared this world with us — supernatural beings with their own civilizations and cultures. All of these civilizations disappeared without leaving proof of their existence, and no scholar or sage can name the cause of their decline. Perhaps they destroyed themselves, or maybe mankind brought about their end. However it happened, these beings slowly faded into mere legend. The majority of mankind's myths are based on stories of those creatures and the time we shared with them.

Death, however, did not signal their end. For reasons we do not understand, their souls were unable to travel to the beyond; they remained bound to this world, awaiting a moment of return. Trapped without recourse to any escape, these spirits began to reincarnate in human bodies, inhabiting the forms of children who should have died stillborn and soulless. And so, a new race inhabited the world — human persons with non–human souls gifted with unnatural powers. They are called Nephilim, the children of men and Fallen Angels who populated the earth ignorant of their own nature.

Whether the light-aligned Sylvain, the gigantic Jayan, or the feral and curious Daimah, the Nephilim all possess powers and abilities unknown to ordinary humans, but they are also plagued by the dissonance between their human bodies and their inhuman souls. The life of a Nephilim is never easy and seldom free from conflict — whether arising from this life, or unfinished business from centuries ago…