By TheHunterBoy, in Runewars

Shall we have Dragons in Runewars? No pictures of them in the front-box...

I simply love the fantasy settings with Dragons!!! lengua.gif

I think if then they are neutral creatures.

IIRC from another post, all four of the (playable) races in the game are taken from FFG's older title, Battlemist. Dragons were another of the 10 races from Battlemmist (not one of the 4 mentioned here.) It's possible that the dragons are the neutral faction, but if so I would've expected a dragon mini in the image they've published of the five little dudes. It's also possible that dragons will appear in an expansion as a playable race.

My guess would be an expansion. That's become FFG's pattern in recent years: roll out a fully playable base game but then add expansions, which turns each game into more of a cash cow for the company.