Zap ship

By zefkilisk, in Ship Marker Variants

Hey mates i m new to this game but i m already a fan!

So my thoughts for a fun way to play the ship marker

When its normal coloured u can zap a card(like card zap artifact) if used one then you turn to dark side and u can zap an alien race (like cosmic zap) then its removed from game i think recharge would make it way too overpower. U cant use it from the warp though. Tell me what u think

Variant to this variant if u have it unused and not in the warp u can remove the marker from the game for an omni-zap

I suggest you can only use the effect if the ship marker is on a ship involved in the encounter. Furthermore, someone else's ship in the encounter with a marker could zap another ships's zap. This forces players to put those ships at risk, and their involvement can be a deterrent to card use.