restore, counterstrike, and quest

By Ywingscum, in Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions

Just bought the coreset I believe I know the answer to 2 of 3 questions but I cannot find any info on restore.

Restore? I find nothing on this, there is a high elf card says restore unit if able. I would guess when killed put him back into play bit discard the high elf card?

Counterstrike. I declare my defender who has counterstrike 2, this is enough to kill the attacker. So that's it combat over as the attacker is dead.

If I have a unit in the quest zone, then I play a quest, that unit cannot be put on the quest to quest. Only a unit played from your hand can quest on it.

1) Restore means to "un-corrupt" a corrupted card. Core rules, page 17, Corruption.

2) If there is only one attacking unit and the Counterstrike damage destroys it, then yes, the actual combat doesn't take place.

3) Correct (Though some later cards have effects that allow you to move a unit already in play onto a quest.)

Thank very much for the clarifications much appreciated. Enjoying the game so far