How to use F15-F20 and Conspiracy Cards?

By AlexM, in Call of Cthulhu Deck Construction

Hey everyone,

I'm new to CoC and after reading the rules I've got some questions about the Cards mentioned above. Belong these cards to another Faction? It's the same symbol like the one on the neutral card decks, but they are not part of the "neutral card packets" (rules page 6).

How are these cards supposed to be played?

Thank you very much in advance! :)

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If I'm understanding you right, you're talking about some of the Agency card - which is one of the factions. They are blue with a shield emblem?

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I'm not sure which version of the core set you are using, but for your first few games you are supposed to mix two factions (2 cards each) plus seven of the neutral cards to create a deck. In my core set the neutral cards were numbered F141 - F155.

You should use the first seven (F141 - F147) in one deck and the next seven (F148 - F154) in the other deck. The Conspiracy (F155) is not used in your first few games.

Once you feel comfortable with the rules you are free to build your own decks and include the Conspiracy, if you like. Note, that tournament-legal decks must have a minimum of 50 cards, so you'll probably want to buy a second core set or one of the many expansions.

As dboeren already mentioned, it would be best if you head over to CardGameDB to get more attention.