Temporal Anomaly Research Department Interstellar Ship

By Kobold Curry Chef, in Ship Marker Variants

And here's a ship marker variant I haven't had time (heh) to try yet, but it shows a couple of twists that we talked about during the development of Cosmic Dominion. First, it adds a way to alter the turn order, which is hard to do in Cosmic Encounter. (It was more common in the olden days, when the Timegash card existed in previous editions.) Also, it shows how ship markers do not necessarily have to follow the template that's in the CD rulesheet. The guys at BGG have talked about this at more length, and posted more ideas.

Temporal Anomaly Research Department Interstellar Ship

Game setup: place this ship and its marker on your alien sheet.

To deploy this ship to any of your colonies, you must skip an encounter you were eligible to take, or voluntarily abandon one of your foreign colonies (by moving all ships there to another colony). It remains in the game afterwards.

One-time ability: at the end of any encounter, if this ship is not in the warp or removed from the game, flip the ship marker. You get a bonus encounter immediately; after that encounter, play returns to where it was.

Note that there is no way to “recharge” this marker.