Question about the rules

By EternalBeing, in Rune Age

Hello everyone,

I have a question about a specific point of the rules of Rune Age.

According to the rule book, during his turn a player can conduct as many sieges as he/she wants as long as each siege is against a different target. If I understood correctly, a "target" is either a city or a home realm, meaning that you can attack one player several times if he/she has cities.

I didn't really question it until now, because both the attacking and the defending players are supposed to use cards doing this and reduce their hand. It adds some kind of tactical dimension to the battle. But here's the thing: what if you use the undead faction and chose to attack all cities in turn with a Barrow Wyrm, each time adding the other one to your hand from your discard pile? You would be able to conduct many sieges without altering either your hand, your deck or your discard pile. That would mean that near the end of the game, when it's one on one, you can attack all cities of your opponent and then that player's home realm, either taking away influence (which can be vital if you play with Miasms or Archaic Scrolls) or weakening the player's hand before going for the kill. All that with no risk (the Barrow Wyrm is a legendary unit anyway, it cannot be destroyed)

Is there any rule forbidding this kind of thing? Like allowing the defending player to refill his hand, forbidding successive attacks on the same player, or maybe even holding all sieges at the same time? (I guess that it's not the last one, but that would definitely be cool :D )

I don't know of any rule that would prevent you from doing that with two Barrow Wyrms. It seems totally legal. I can see how it puts the other player in a conundrum, though. Because even if they destroy one, it goes to the discard pile, so the next one can bring it back into the Waiqar player's hand. That's a pretty neat loop you've found!

I've never heard of this happening before, though. How often has it happened in your games?

The situation you have described is completely legal but that is just because the Barrow Wyrms are pure awesome ;) However, it is normal when you have 2 mythical units to be in a good spot - having 2 Roc Warriors can also be quite brutal, as they will basically triple the When Played effect of another of your units (which a Dragon or a Knight with Bowman support will like a lot), or the double Forest Guardians? Sorry, dude, I have 8 indestructible strength on the table and can Pegasus for free. Same with successfully sneaking in double Obscene and buffing them to a total of 16 strength. Double mythical - lot's of fun, unless it is against you.

Also, your scenario can be extended to 4 player games - just try each city in play first and take those that they do not defend, and then attack the one that defended the most. The only real downside is that eventually you are going to throw your discard into your deck, and then finding the second Wyrm might take a while if your deck has more than 10 cards (I have had much fun with a deck of two 3-golds, 2 Barrow Wyrms, a Vampire or 2 and 2-3 Skeleton Archers - managed to destroy all of the other cards and cycled to whatever I needed with the Vampires, occasionally buying a Death Knight on my turn just to recylce those gold cards out of my hand).

I've never heard of this happening before, though. How often has it happened in your games?

After we found the loop, it happened every time a player with the undead faction managed to get his two legendary units, so pretty often

However, it is normal when you have 2 mythical units to be in a good spot

Well, the problem is that this is more than being "in a good spot". Near the end of a game, when every hand consistently hit in the 20-30 range, noone can afford to defend cities against Barrow Wyrms when their Home Realms will be targetted just afterward. What happened every time a player did this was that he got ALL cities in the end game. When we played with Miasm, that also meant that the player with the Undead faction had a huuuuge advantage over all others, which makes me think that this totally breaks the balance of the game.