Tannhäuser: Union Strategy 101

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Welcome to the Union, soldier!
Our enemies are as insidious as they are easy to defeat. With but a few ideas kept in mind, and execution of the following combat formations, the Reich will be soundly defeated.
First and foremost is finding the proper method of engaging the enemy.
Our forces have been outfitted with the latest in military issue projectile weaponry, and as such should endeavor to maintain range at any and all junctures. The sheer potential power of the flash gun and flash machine gun are enough to keep most Reich soldiers' heads down. With either of these weapons, should a natural 10 be rolled, and the opponent does not roll a natural 10 on their shock roll, they are killed outright regardless of current health or number of wounds inflicted.
To further stress our superior firepower, we add TNT, the submachine gun, and smoke grenades. TNT will bring down almost any trooper, as it does 2 automatic points of damage. So with one unsaved success, the trooper is down. In addition it places a 2 point debris token, just the thing to slow down those deadly Stosstruppen. The submachine gun provides an extra point to your combat value when firing, giving you an additional opportunity to punish the occultists. Smoke grenades fill an entire Path with smoke, giving any model unfortunate enough to be on it, a -3 to all their stats, and a whopping -5 to all their stats if the are on the token itself! This is just the thing to slow down enemy models, giving you ample time to gun them down.
Second is the method of advance.
MacNeal, Brown, and Alpha commandos are excellent first wavers. With their flash guns you can terrify opponents into corners and keep them away from specific objectives, because if they get too close, they run the risk of instant death! Corporal Aponi and Delta Commandos are perfect for your support and second wave. With TNT and no less than 3 smoke grenades they can prevent you from being flanked and can provide ample time for your flash guns to move to the position needed to counterattack most efficiently.
When tackling objectives, keep an eye on your cover. If one of your flash guns is needed to complete part of an objective, they won’t be gunning down the enemy. Keep a sentry posted that can cover them if the zone gets too hot. Either another flash gunner, or one of your demolition specialists can fulfill this role perfectly.
Third, and most importantly: objectives are the priority
Each of our 5-person squads is fully capable of completing any objective out there. The key is knowing how to get the specialist there, without taking too much fire. MacNeal has many skills that can be useful for almost every objective — but just like fighting a war, he can’t do it alone. Use MacNeal or Aponi as your first line of specialists. Cover them with the other 2 flash guns and give them rear support with Delta commandos until they have accomplished their mission. Once the first component is solved, have your specialist act as bodyguard clearing the way for your secondary specialist. With the number of victory points rolling in from completing objectives, we properly mount counterattacks, move farther, and keep our troops in fighting condition.
Use these ideas wisely. Enforce iron discipline in your troops.