Tannhäuser: Reich Strategy 101

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The foes of Kaiser von Richtenberg are nothing more than noisome pests, aching to be ground under the heel of our beloved Obscura Korps. The following comes from the Kaiser himself, as the most effective ways to eliminate the adversaries of our Empire:

Our foes are cowardly and prefer to fight from a distance. We kill up close and we do it well. The whip "Strafe", supernatural strength, immunity to pain, demon taint, and the universal combat knife are all within our purview.
Strafe is the weapon of Eva Kramer and can quickly overwhelm many an opponent. On a natural 10 the victim is ensnared and suffers wounds equal to successes without the benefit of a shock roll.
Supernatural Strength has blessed our Stosstruppen and Bodyguard Zermann with the ability to always use their highest combat value, regardless of damage, in all hand to hand rolls.
Immunity to Pain grants both our supernaturally strong fighter the ability to always use the highest stamina value when making a shock roll.
Demon Taint is a requirement of all inductees into the Stosstruppen. It manifests as superior killing ability and hands that have grown into claws. It adds 1 additional hit in the event of a successful combat roll. This bonus is cumulative with the next item on our list, the combat knife. The combat knife adds 1 additional hit in the event of a successful combat roll. This gives the Stosstruppen 2 extra hits on top of the successes they rolled initially.
Hierarchy must be respected at all costs. The Marquis General Von Heïzinger is the most important figure. Zermann is his bodyguard for a reason. Use the Schocktruppen to flush out cowardly Union soldiers into the blades and talons of the Stosstruppen. Use Zermann to chase the weak willed scum into the whip of Eva. Remember that Zermann's pistol does not require line of sight, nor that he be on the same path as your intended victim. Use that ability to hide from the deadly flash guns, and avoid the smoke grenades' effects.
The Schocktruppen can be used as a fire base with Mad Minute and Keep Firing. Position them where they will have good line of sight and can blast away at the exposed underbelly of MacNeal's cronies. Von Heïzinger's perfect target is Brown. Brown has a very low mental stat and is the ideal target of Sha-Na-Ra. With a good roll, you can eliminate the biggest gun of the Union swiftly and cleanly. Remember they do not get a shock roll, but make sure Brown is not supported by another flash gun — Von Heïzinger is too precious a resource to lose. Use his Patmos Amulet to move characters out of formation and into your follow up attacks. You do not need line of sight, nor do you need to be on the same path to target someone with the amulet.
While the wholesale slaughter of our enemies is incredibly tempting, you are a soldier of the Reich first. Our objectives are established for a reason. With the unification of our world and the inferior worlds, the Union will be swept away like so many cobwebs. To complete our objectives, hierarchy is key. Von Heïzinger must live at all costs. Many a mission has seen the destruction of many Schocktruppen and Stosstruppen to get Von Heïzinger to the objective. Their lives are ours to spend as needed to accomplish our goals. Eva and Karl can meet some requirements. Use them to fulfill or hold objectives until the Marquis General can turn his attention upon them. With the victory points from the objectives falling rapidly into our hands, we gain the ability to move faster, heal our rare war injuries, and most importantly launch counterattacks to blunt our foes clumsy advances.
The corruptors guide our hand, and forces beyond imagining are behind our every move. The Union is nothing more than a splinter…omething to be plucked and disposed of. Do not let temporary inconvenience distract from the important works.