The Valley Of Trials

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Your first class of the day is Warrior training. Your teacher is Grumbaz Crowsblood.

Grumbaz Crowsblood — The Warrior
The warrior is the most straightforward character in the game. His strategy is simple, find things and hit them with stuff. His cards may be broken into two categories; cards to help you in combat and cards to get you into combat. The first category contains cards like Heroic Strike, which grants you +1 attack, and Demoralizing Shout, which forces your opponent to reroll their combat dice. These cards comprise over half of the warrior's ability deck.
The second category contains cards like Charge, which lets you move an additional space if that move puts you in a space with an enemy character or encounter, and Intercept, which requires Berserker Stance and lets you move three extra spaces if it puts you in a space with an enemy character or encounter. These get the warrior into combat quickly. There are a few cards the warrior should be looking for. The first is Recklessness. Instead of rolling combat dice, this card places both the warrior's die and his opponent's die on the six. The warrior is usually able to weather the first strike, and his return strike is usually enough to finish off most opponents. The second card is Execute. This card deals one damage to any enemy character with one point of health left. After dealing 1-4 points of damage, this card will usually finish off any opponents left standing. The last card to keep an eye out for is Victory Rush. This card places the warrior in a time warp, letting him take an additional turn after he defeats a character or encounter in combat. Early on the warrior should stay in Battle Stance.
Once he hits yellow or red level, the amount of damage the warrior can withstand overrides the lower defense, and the warrior should flip to berserker stance. The warrior can go for an Overlord kill earlier as he can take a bigger hit, just make sure he has the cards to let him walk away with the trophy.
Your second class is the path of the warlock. Professor Darkshine heads up this class.
Sandrai Darkshine — The Warlock
The warlock's strategy hinges on going after other players and encounters to gain items that can fuel her curses and get her closer to quest completion. The warlock expands her options using Life Tap, which deals one damage to her but lets her draw two ability cards, or Fear, which lets her cancel a battle, and if she is green level, move that encounter or enemy character up to three spaces away.
Once in a combat, fully one fifth of the warlock's ability deck is comprised of cards adding to her attack or taking the place of a weapon. With such an arsenal, the warlock benefits the most from armor effects, until she hits red level. At red level the items begin to overpower the weapon replacement cards, and it is worth her while to swipe them from unwary enemy characters. To assist her in item swiping are her curses. These four cards have debilitating effects on enemy characters, from +1 attack and -2 defense to 2 damage automatically dealt.
Each of these cards can be played from up to two spaces away, giving the warlock a safe zone to cast them from. To further hinder her opponent's, she can use the Ritual of Summoning which moves a character up to four spaces away to the warlock's space. This can pull a character out of the safe zone of a city allowing for an attack, or can delay them getting to a flight path and escaping her curses.
Recess bells are ringing, but be sure to get back before the second bell. Your next classes are a little tougher and I hear Mr. Fang's class can be un-bear-able.