Copies of a card in draft?

By pppalma, in Android: Netrunner Draft Play

Can I have more than 3 copies of the same card in a Draft?


You can have as many copies of the same card as you'd like

I've recently bought game including Draft Pack.

I haven't checked all draft cards but it seems that cards from draft have exactly the same text as normal cards. Is there any difference (beside small icon and PoD quality)?

Nope, apart from the IDs Draft cards are identical to normal cards (except the print quality and icon as you mentioned).

are drafts cards playable in touranment can you use them in regular play. i just want to know.

The answer is yes.

The only advice is to use them in dark/black/non transparent sleeves, because as these cards are printed directly from ffg have some slight difference in color or finish.

thank you every much.

also slight variance in size, thickness, and color of the paper stock; makes them very easy to just look at the deck and see the one that doesn't match, or feel it with your fingertips. Sleeves obscure the tactile variance.